Tortured Life

Jonny was a too young child
he lost his mom his daddy died
no aunt no uncle to back him up
his brothers addicted to the drug
his sister sells her cunt away
she doesnt love him anyway
so noones left he could lean on
he grabbed his bag and he was gone

a tortured life and a tortured soul
a broken home hes all alone
no place to go and nowhere to hide
nothings left of his former pride

as a 14 year old boy
he stole for hunger not for joy
got arrested for doing wrong
where was all the justice gone
treated like a criminal
about 15 hes seen it all
got no home lives on the street
without shoes to warm his feet

21 still on his own
a wrecked hole he called his home
his girlfriend took an overdose
he thought it couldnt get worse
he started drinkin on and on
to kill his feelings make em gone
everything that gave him joy
he lost as a boy