i know i did so much mistakes
cheatin and makin booze
too many of the little fakes
and all without a use
sometimes i am so scared
about me and of what i do
but it changes so quickly
when i see someone like you...

... well all the wrongs that i have caused
i know there are a lot
i tried to be a better man
but rightnow i am not

i know it is not easy
to believe in what i say
with all these ups and all these downs
it is a fucked up way
the people try to tell me
that i should change all my views
but what i know for sure
this would be a mind abuse...

i don't know when i lost my mind
i don't know even why
thats all i gonna tell you now
cause theres no need to cry
no matter if i lost my mind
how crazy as it sounds
but i have found my own new way
while licking my old wounds...